Top HR Articles To Help You Succeed In The New Year

Top HR Articles To Help You Succeed In The New Year 300 259 Balance Point Team

Top 2018 Articles To Help You Succeed In The New YearThe new year is almost upon us. People often use this as a fresh start, a time for reflection, change, and growth.

Businesses should also use this time to reevaluate the past year, set goals and make improvements moving forward.

We’re taking a look back at some of our top HR articles from the past year and reviewing what helpful information we can take into 2019.

How To Save Money and Improve Productivity In 2019

There are many costs associated with the growth of every business; however, it’s a good idea to review the company finances to see where you can save money in the upcoming year.

Have you started implementing any new tools or software? If so, are there any leftover costs you can cut from the transition?

It seems obvious but often times when a company grows, the estimated costs for space, supplies, and tools are overestimated.

Be sure to cut down on the excess costs where you can.

Just like a review of expenses, it’s a good idea assess efficiency in the office. Work with your employees to learn what tasks are holding people down.

Should there be a shift in responsibilities or better delegation? Make sure you’re getting the best out of the team you put together.

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New Year, New YOU, Encouraging Employee Wellness

Everyone can probably attest to indulging this holiday season. But it’s soon time to get back on track.

What better time to promote employee wellness, than the start of a new year?

Employee wellness is a benefit most might not consider. For both an employer and employee, a healthier organization can lead to greater success.

Employee wellness programs can improve absenteeism, workforce productivity, and retention.

Wellness programs are designed to enhance the work environment so it is easier for employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

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The Best Way To Retain Top Talent – The Answer Might Surprise You

The search for talent is more aggressive as ever. So how do you know you have the best team in place? Is your company retaining it’s best employees? Paying employees to quit could be the best way to find out.

Once a year, Amazon offers to pay full-time associates at Amazon fulfillment centers up to $5,000 to leave the company. This tactic gives Amazon the upper hand in making sure that they’re always on top of their employees and their success.

Starting out the new year with new opportunity could give you great insight into your employees and company culture.

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Embracing The Change In HR

The role of HR has evolved over the past 10 years as a result of innovative changes in business and technology.

In 2018 there was speculation over what direction HR would be headed with companies engaging in a more digital movement. Where would HR shift their focus?

The answer? Their people.

Some companies have gone as far as to change the title of HR all together. These new roles means the department would have more responsibility and opportunity to help shift the mindset of the company and create programs to help reach goals.

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