Top HR Blog Posts Of 2017

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Top HR Blog Posts Of 20172018 is almost upon us!

As the year comes to a close, we want to reflect on the past year’s innovations and insights in human resources.

Companies are changing how they give their employees feedback.

Zappos’ genius (maybe insane?) hiring strategy is becoming a template for talent management success.

Google for Jobs is breaking the biggest pet peeve of talent acquisition.

Here are 2017’s top Human Resources articles for you to take with you in the new year.

Is Zappos’ Hiring Strategy a Stroke of Genius or Insanity?

Imagine this.

It’s your first day at a new job and your orientation guide tells you that on your 90 day anniversary, they’ll pay YOU $4,000 to quit.

Sounds crazy, right?

Would you believe Zappos does just that?

Zappos is so confident in their organization and culture that they can put their fears of employees taking them up on this aside and invest in keeping them engaged.

Your first thought is probably, “wouldn’t a lot of people take the $4,000 and run?”

In reality, it shows employees that management only wants those truly invested in the company. It sounds like an expensive way to weed out the low-performers, but for Zappos, it was a game changer for their high-performance culture.

The One Thing You Need to Learn in 2017

How to give and receive feedback.

Anyone who has ever been at the low end of the company ladder knows what happens when upper management makes a decision that employees, to put it nicely, disagree with.

Employee engagement goes down. Productivity slows to a halt. The office turns into employees vs. the evil upper-management.

The decision makers at your company might not realize how this negatively impacts employees, especially if they’ve shut the doors to being criticized.

Feedback is a two-way street and there are right and wrong ways to give it.

Maybe your company’s internal feedback process needs to be looked at again to be prepared for a fresh start in 2018.

Stop Overlooking Overqualified Candidates

There are pros and cons to hiring overqualified candidates.

Pros: Have the necessary skills for the job. Little to no training. Wealth of experience and expertise.

Cons: May get bored easily. Higher chance of leaving the job quickly. Might be difficult to convince them to do things the way the company does.

The cons outweigh the pros for most businesses, for good reason. However, there are ways to avoid them.

Recognize their great qualifications. Be upfront and honest about the position and expectations. Express your concerns about the role in comparison to their experience.

An overqualified candidate is not the waste of time it’s made out to be if you are honest about the role from the start.

Google for Jobs is Breaking Talent Acquisition’s Biggest Pet Peeve

If you haven’t been paying attention to Google for Jobs, now is the time to start.

Talent acquisition leaders across the country are reporting up to a 60% shift in applicant traffic because of Google for Jobs.

The reason is because Google for Jobs requires employers to state the salary in the job post.

Google won’t show jobs from Indeed if they are missing the salary. A lot of companies omit this from their job postings because they see it as a negotiation tactic.

But Google doesn’t care about helping the company. They care about helping the candidate.

Stop being afraid of posting the job’s salary. Data has proven these job posts get more qualified candidates than those without.

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