Where To Keep Up With Emerging Insurance Industry Trends

Where To Keep Up With Emerging Insurance Industry Trends 2560 1759 Balance Point Team

If you’re in the insurance industry, you’re aware of how important it is to always be on top trends are up and coming and how they could potentially affect your clients.

With your days filled with meetings, paperwork, and other important tasks, how can you make time to keep up insurance news and industry trends?

I bet it would help if you had a list of recommended blogs and industry influencers to follow!

Well you’re in luck!

We’ve put together a list of insurance blogs, as well as industry bloggers to follow so you can make sure you’re up to date on the latest news, trends and best practices so you can better serve your clients.

6 Insurance Blogs To Follow


NAIFANAIFA  –  National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors Blog is a well rounded online resource. Professionals lend a voice to the blog, keeping up on industry updates that affect brokers, financial advisors, and consumers. No matter what your niche or interest, you’ll be sure to find an article that’ll suit your needs.

Click here to read NAIFA blog>>


InGuardThe insurance industry has many aspects, with many different types of insurance to offer. The conversation about what’s new in the insurance world shouldn’t be around just one topic. InGuard is “your center for insurance and risk management tips, news, and trends.” This is another all inclusive resource that speaks to many different areas of insurance and how it affects our lives.

Click here to read the InGuard blog >>

Insurance Journal

Insurance JournalInsurance Journal is another online resource that includes insurance news, updates, and trends from all over the world. This is a great reference for industry professionals looking for an online newspaper equivalent. They offer a wide range of resources aside from just articles. One in particular is a forum where you can connect with your peers. This is a great place for others in the insurance and financial industry reference.

Click here to read Insurance Journal >>


Risk&ManagementDo you specialize in risk management? This is the place for you! Risk&Insurance has a library of articles with the latest issues, news topics, best practices, and trends.

Bonus: It tells you how long it should take you to read each article, so even on a busy day you can get in a quick read.

This is a great place for you to keep up on emerging risks so you have open the conversation with clients on how you can help protect them.

Click here to read  the Risk&Insurance blog>>

Consumer Insurance Blog

Consumer Insurance BlogConsumer Insurance Blog doesn’t leave much mystery in their name, it’s a blog for consumers to help understand the insurance industry.

Why would this be a good resource for you?

The goal of Consumer Insurance Blog’s blog is to help educate consumers on insurance and help omit the mystery behind the subject.

This could be a great resource for you to learn more about what consumers are asking, and how you can improve your approach on discussing different topics. It’s always a good idea to know what kinds of questions your clients have and what are some of things they are thinking.

Although you may not be a mind reader, this can be a resource hub that’ll get you pretty close to being one!

Click here to read the Consumer Insurance blog >>

Corporate Insurance Blog

Corporate Insurance BlogJust the opposite of the blog mentioned above, the Corporate Insurance Blog is for corporate policyholders, risk managers, and in-house counsel who deal with insurance policies, programs, purchases, renewals, claims, and recovery.

Here you’ll find an organized list of categories where you can search specifically for the topic you’re looking to read up on, or just browse the most recent or most popular article to gain knowledge you may have otherwise overlooked.

Click here to read the Corporate Insurance blog >>

5 Insurance Influencers To Follow On Twitter

Mark Breading

mark breadingInsurance Strategic Advisor & Industry Analyst. Specializing in customer experience, data & analytics, digital content, and emerging technologies.

Mark offers great insights into the world of insurance, and keeps the conversation going on social media. He also keeps a blog where he regularly posts news updates and best practices.

Click here to follow on Twitter >>

 Mark Geoghegan

Mark GeogheganMark is a former reinsurance broker turned journalist and tweets about what’s really happening in global insurance and reinsurance markets.

Click here to follow on Twitter >> 

 Greg Dobie

Greg DobieIs a publications editor tweeting about global insurance developments. Check out this Twitter feed to stay up on industry news.

Click here to follow on Twitter >>

Roger Bickmore

Roger BickmoreRoger is on  the market trends, news events and technology shifts shaping the underwriting & distribution of insurance. He shares his opinions on these topics in his engaging Twitter feed.

 Click here to follow on Twitter >>

Insurance Forums

insurance forumsInsurance Forums is world’s largest insurance community for agents and brokers, with over 70,000 pros available to help and offer advice.

Click here to follow on Twitter >>

Keeping Up On Industry Trends

It’s important that you’re able to provide your clients with the best possible service. Keeping up with important industry trends is a good way for you to separate yourself from your competition. Make sure you’re aware of what’s in the news and how it could possible affect your clients.

Use news references and emerging trends to open the door for new opportunities and conversations with your clients.

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